This is our Code of Conduct which you agree to follow at all times in the course of the whole event, both in-game and off-game.

Any participant or member of staff making another person feel unsafe or unwelcome through a pattern of behaviour that is in violation of our code of conduct will be removed from the game and the premises. 

First Principles

Consent Is King

If you wish to perform an act that might involve crossing another player's boundaries, always ask their permission first. 

Our calibration system is designed to accomplish this in a natural flow, mostly without breaking character.

In all our interactions, whether in-game or off-game, only yes! means yes. Any reaction other than enthusiastic informed consent is considered a hard no. 

You may never ask another the reason for their choice or argue about it. The only correct answer is to withdraw immediately, and thank them for setting their boundaries. 

Even if someone gave you a joyful go-ahead at first, always remember, consent happens from moment to moment. Just because someone committed to something when it started, doesn't mean they can't feel differently and change their mind later on.

Conversely, while all participants are required to respect them, you are responsible for setting your boundaries. No one can read your mind. Please, always communicate your limits and don't be afraid to say no.

Pace yourself, step out if you need to, make sure you’re feeling okay and that your needs are met. Nothing you might miss out on is worth the hassle of not taking care of yourself first. 

Play To Lift

This game, while based on character opposition, is rooted in player solidarity. Though each character may have ambitions of their own, the goal of all players is to facilitate an intense, dramatic, involving, and most of all safe experience for themselves and everyone else.

Sometimes, this may mean 'losing' in character to give someone else their moment in the spotlight. It may mean spilling a secret in a moment of passion so others can overhear you and get involved in the plot. It may letting your character's guard down so their rival may have an awesome comeback.

The shared communcal experience always comes first, then the integrity of the game world. While immersion can be very enjoyable, “my character did it” is not a good excuse to make other players have a bad day.

Always remember: Players are more important than characters. Bring your best practices to the table, be mindful of others boundaries and needs. Let us all be awesome and safe with each other.

Communication Is Key

In the heat of the moment, it's easy to forget about a rule or get it wrong, to slip up in following a calibration script or misinterpret the signals of the other player

People come into this game influenced by different cultural norms and assumptions. They might be used to different styles of Larping or are altogether new to it. 

When something goes wrong, most of the time, it's an honest mistake or a simple miscommunication.  Participants usually are well-intentioned and would be aghast to realise their actions have had a negative impact on a fellow player.

Please, give yourself and others room for mistakes. We recommend to extend the benefit of the doubt and address any concerns to the relevant player first. 

Do not carry any doubts or grudges over the course of the event. It's always preferable to address any issues when they happen and talk things through. 

The reverse is true as well. If you think you might have hurt or offended your fellow player, check-in with them to see if they are okay.

If you ever don't feel safe or comfortable doing so for whatever reason, please, always come talk to the Storytellers. We will always take the time to listen and deal with the situation. You are not alone.

Hard Limits


To make this abundantly and unequivocally clear: 

No form of bigotry, sexual harassment, bullying, violent or coercive behaviour of any kind is tolerated off-game. 

On another note, players who wish to do so are welcome to have a drink. However, please, drink responsibly. No drugs, period.

If you can't keep a clear head, you cannot play.


There will be no in-game scenes or discussions of any kind concerning rape or other forms of sexual abuse, and especially no content concerning child-abuse

We will explore dynamics of oppression and bigotry by analogy, using fictional content.

There will be no body-shaming, ableism, sexism, racism, homophobia, transphobia, nor any attacks against real-world beliefs and identities addressed by any characters towards any other character during the game.

While characters are very welcome to engage in many forms of intimacy, there will be no nudity or simulated sex during this game.